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Step into the mesmerizing world of Natasha Zavialov, a visionary artist who weaves a symphony of visible music through her captivating paintings. With a Master's degree in Fine Arts from the esteemed Academy of Applied Arts in St. Petersburg, Natasha's creative prowess knows no bounds.

Currently based in the UK, she thrives on the excitement of working on private commissions and wowing audiences through her regular exhibitions. Natasha's artistic genius has earned her a prestigious place in private collections around the globe, and her masterpieces have even been featured in educational materials, leaving an indelible mark on the art world.

Drawing inspiration from both abstract and figurative motifs, Natasha's art emanates vibrant vibrations of color, casting a spellbinding spell on anyone who beholds her creations. Her innate rhythmic sense mesmerises the viewer, inviting them to bask in the liberating and exhilarating effect of color like never before.

Recently, Natasha's brilliance has graced esteemed venues such as the "Summer Exhibition" at the renowned Royal Academy in London and the prestigious "Europ'Art" exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. Her presence in these acclaimed events has left audiences astounded, yearning for more of her soul-stirring artwork.

As you delve into Natasha Zavialov's world, prepare to be enthralled by the harmonious blend of art and music, where her brushstrokes dance to the rhythm of emotions and colors come alive to sing their own vibrant tales. Explore the profound depths of her artistic journey and let her work take you on an enchanting odyssey of self-discovery and boundless imagination.


Main Exhibitions

Cork Street Gallery "Solo Exhibition", London, Reading Contemporary Art Fair, Reading, Affordable Art Fair, London, Battersea park,"Summer Exhibition", Royal Academy, London, "On the Wall", Olmpia Hall, London "Reading Museum", Solo exhibition, Reading Berkshire "Summer Exhibition", Royal Academy, London, UK LINEART, Ghent, Belgium "Summer Exhibition", Royal Academy, London, UK "Europ'Art", Geneva, Switzerland JAG Contemporary "The Colour Matter", London, UK "Heiffer Gallery", London, UK "Salthouse Gallery", St Ives, UK JAG Contemporary at the Affordable Art Fair, London, UK "Dao Femme", JAG Contemporary, London, UK Group Exhibition of the Association of Russian Artists in the UK, Alchemy Gallery, London, UK

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